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Ebano, ebony in Spanish, is a noble, elegant and foreign wood. It is also the emblem of our teas which group this same characteristics.

Ebano was born to create a new line of infusions capable of making us travel to different parts of the world so that one may drink of their particular cultures. Allowing us to perceive sensations, colours and smells that carry us from Ceylon to China or South Africa and immerse us in ancient ceremonies and traditions.


As experts of the different plantations and origins, we have selected the best ingredients to create exclusive and evocative recipes.  Always faithful to the essence of the plants and pure teas to obtain a balanced drink, with natural ingredients that provide an aromatic and enveloping touch but without losing the soul of teas, rooibos, etc.


These blends could not be presented in any other way than in a package as respectful as possible with the land and the planet that provides us with their ingredients. We have therefore used biodegradable, repulpable and recyclable materials, avoiding the use of plastics to the maximum.

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